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We believe every person deserves for their story to be told with aloha. We don't just want to give you wedding photos and videos, we are giving you a timeless result that would be unforgettable  memories, that you can revisit and share endlessly. Same style, same quality, same storytelling and thought behind it all. It is your day, but you also want it to be about everyone's day - everyone who has come to show you aloha, love, and support. It is a day that has a beautiful story . There is a start and there is a 'happily every after', and you want that story to be captured and told .

Our creative vision allows us to deliver wedding photos and films that we would bring it to life in a authentic, raw and real way. We want you to look back on your film decades later and still feel the same nervousness, joy, love, and excitement that you felt on your wedding day, and also that you guys could relive that beautiful moment.

Aloha Nui

With lots of love "Aloha Nui" we capture all around angles providing you with 2 cinematographers for 6 hours capturing all the essential actions with aloha, professionally, and creatively. We create a gorgeous cinematic short film telling your wedding story.


-6 Hour Coverage 

- 3 Cameras

-1 Drone 

- 4-8 Minute Highlight Film 

-Digital download and Client Website

Turnaround time 3-9 weeks

Nui Ke Aloha

The "Nui Ke Aloha" with great endless love and beloved, We would offer to 2 cinematographers for 8 hours including 1 Photographer. Reliving each moment with a 4-8min Cinematic Film with touching audio speeches from love letters to speeches. and 300-600 Photos that  not only strive to document your wedding day, but to also capture it artistically. We're not here to turn your wedding day into a photoshoot. We want you to enjoy it, while we work our magic. 


-8 Hour Coverage 

-2 Cinematographers 

-1 Photographer 300-500 Photos

-1 min teaser film

- 4-8 Minute Highlight Film 

 -Digital download and Client Website

Turnaround time 5-14 weeks